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Seeing a large disconnect from a small business's to the public in my hometown was a huge eye-opener for me. This issue left me thinking want can I do for these companies that need to be on online profiles from social media platforms to websites. These companies needed marketing to help them reach the potential that they were supposed. Being from a small town in Nebraska I was seeing these companies every day. That is when I began building my company, I create online content for individuals that need the assists. 


When I create a website or begin doing social media for a company I view it as a partnership at the end of the day we will be a team that is working to reach your customers in another medium. There are many options that Double K Media can offer your company from blog articles, website design, social media, and general marketing strategies. We will create and share your business story in a manner that is the best fitting for your goals. Below you can find previous companies that I have worked with and what I have created for them and what Double K Media can do for your business. 



When you chose me to be your personal marketing agent for your business, I will work to make your business's site personal to you because your business is one of a kind. I am here to help you grow, reach customers and visitors through many mass mediums. We will set up a meeting where we will visit about your brand, growth of your business, visits, pricing, and what your business can grow into with the help of social and website design. Let me take the stress of website creation and social media promotion out of your life, so you can get back to your passion. 


The growth for your business begins with a call to me,  Katriona Roy as your personal marketing agent.


What we can do...

 Website Design

Building a personalized website for your business will increase traffic to your location and help bring information to your customers. 


I will work with you to ensure your website is the look you want and create a brand for your business. We will work together to keep the site up to date with information, events, and contact information. 


This option includes a personalized logo, website set up, and business visits that will be made once a month or more to ensure the website is updated and continues to be the brand look your business are meant to be. 

Social Media

Depending on your business type, social media can benefit your business's reach as well as your traffic on your website. 


I will keep your social media platforms updated through photos, status updates, promotions, video footage, and events at your business. We will work together to keep your business a positive contributor to the public. 


Social Media Platform options can include any or all of the platforms below depending on your demographic. 

       - Facebook

       - Instagram 

       - Twitter

      - SnapChat



Print media may be an option after we determine a demographic for your business.  

I can design newspaper ads, business cards, print, and mail out postcards that are original layouts that will bring attention to your business and engage customers.

Promotional Video

After taking photos and video clips at your location, you will have the option to have me create a video that will engage customers through your website and social media platforms. 


 Video sizes can differ from 30 seconds to a few minutes depending on what you are wanting the videos to reach and impact to be.


What I have done...

This company is a Facebook take over. I have control over the media that gets published and I tell the company what I need from them for the post throughout the week. I have control of publishing the correct post at the right time to meet the goals of the company.

Platinum Truck Service

Connecting individaul community members to the correct business was a major goal for this group. Having that be a main goal the Area Businesses tab was by far the most important and impactful tab for this companies site. 

Loup City Chamber of Commerce

This website is still in the works it will be available soon!

Koenig Enterprises

For Roy Ranch, I do completely marketing for including website design and upkeep, social media, advertising direction, and content design (photography, video, and graphics.) 

Roy Ranch

Check out this basic website that I created for Smith Aerial Spraying this site with google ads is helping their company expand to a larger audience. 

Smith Aerial Spraying

Katalari Farms is a seasonal shop located 4 miles east of Loup City, NE. For Katalari we have done video content including live and edited Facebook content. Katalari Farms also recently added a website. I have also created print media for them including business card, and gift certificates.

Katalari Farms

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